Terms and Conditions

By making a booking on the site https://popeyejetski.com/, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. They are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the law of the United Arab Emirates, and any claim brought under these conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC shall not be liable to any passenger whilst in any operation location or surrounding areas.

The different activities proposed are operated by Popeye JetSki Rental LLC.

Popeye JetSki Rental LLC shall not be liable to any customer for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with or as a result of Popeye JetSki Rental LLC’s action, including but not being limited to damage, injury, theft or loss of property belonging to the client.

Reservations can be individual or grouped. You can also book Popeye JetSki Rental LLC privately for a personal or professional event. The maximum number of persons authorized per private session is determined by the management.

Anyone who starts an activity must have paid for it, and keep the proof of payment and passport. They must be retained at all times and submitted for inspection if required.

Any person attempting to enter the marina without these documents may, depending on the context, may be expelled.

  1. Reservations
    1. Payment is due at the time of booking or to perform the activity, depending on the reservation system chosen.
    2. Reservations are not transferable except at the complete discretion of Popeye JetSki Rental LLC. It is only under specific circumstances that reservations can be considered.
    3. Reservations are not refundable, except in specific cases, due to Popeye JetSki Rental LLC (as described below) or by the Customer (details of the refund policy explained in the reservation section and online payment terms).
    4. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC reserves the right to move or cancel your booking time or day in the event of bad weather, mechanical problems, operational requirements, needs requiring the presence of the governing body or according to the Dubai authorities. In these cases, Popeye JetSki Rental LLC will refund any visitor whose activity is cancelled. But Popeye JetSki Rental LLC will not be held responsible for any other travel or pocket expenses.
    5. In the unlikely event that any of the gear should make an emergency return to the site, Popeye JetSki Rental LLC would not be required to replace or refund the service.
    6. All prices are in UAE Dirhams. No tax is added to the reservation.
    7. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC reserves the right, if applicable and necessary, to deviate from the planned route of a tour. Please be aware, the marinas and sea state may dictate delays or alterations to the publicised itinerary. Where possible, customers will be advised of any changes prior to navigation.
    8. In particular, due to climatic conditions, the duration of activity can’t be guaranteed. But every effort will be made by Popeye JetSki Rental LLC to keep on schedule.
    9. Speed ​​restrictions apply at certain points along the marina. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC works with the United Arab Emirates Coast Guard authorities to ensure a high level of comfort and safety.
    10. All guests must arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled time. If a customer who has booked is not at Popeye JetSki Rental LLC 15 minutes before the scheduled time, and without informing us, please note that the reservation will be cancelled and the deposit/payment will be not refunded.
    11. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC gives priority to on-time customers and will never allow late customers to impact on subsequent start times.
    12. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC is not responsible for any factors beyond its control (e.g. transport, traffic or parking problems) that you may encounter.
    13. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC reserves the right to change all or part of its fleet, which will not alter the number of people who can participate or the conditions for carrying out your activity.
    14. Reservations using coupons can be booked online. The customer visits the activity concerned, makes a classic reservation, indicates the voucher number and has nothing to pay. If you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.
  2. Physical Conditions
    1. The decision to practice a nautical activity at Popeye JetSki Rental LLC and the consequences thereof are entirely at the customer’s own risk. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC does not accept any liability for personal injury, other’s injury and / or loss or damage.
    2. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in Popeye JetSki Rental LLC activities at any stage of pregnancy.
    3. We can’t propose our activities to persons with reduced mobility.
    4. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC advises you not to practice if you have any historical or current backbone conditions or complaints, like some important medical problems. The sea is a changing environment and your craft may be subject to somewhat unpredictable movements, which could aggravate existing medical conditions.
    5. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC has no medical expertise and is not able to assess each situation individually. That is why we prefer to advise you not to practice these activities and warn that they will not be feasible here if you suffer from a current or historical problem such as spinal problems, seizure disorders, dizziness, Diabetes, heart disease (non-exhaustive list) or in case of pregnancy as already indicated.
  3. Clothing and Safety
    1. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC recommends that you dress according to weather conditions, keeping in mind that it is generally extremely hot during the summer months but that the temperatures are cooler at sea than on the beach. All guests must arrive in an appropriate outfit that will not be damaged by the activity (sea water, sunlight …)
    2. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC accepts no responsibility if personal effects are damaged, lost or stolen.
    3. Lifejackets are supplied by Popeye JetSki Rental LLC and must be worn throughout the activity. Before leaving, your guide will make a “safety briefing” which will include instructions on how to handle lifejackets in case of an emergency.
    4. If equipment is intentionally damaged, a charge will be charged to the reservation.
  4. Comfort, well-being and courtesy
    1. A client will not be allowed to participate in an activity if: · He has been convicted of a criminal offense which, in the opinion of Popeye JetSki Rental LLC, is likely to affect the safety or enjoyment of other visitors · He behaved in a manner which, in Popeye JetSki Rental LLC’s opinion, has or is likely to affect the safety or enjoyment of other visitors · He used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or, in any way, provoked or participated in provoking a breach of the peace. · He showed signs of discrepancy, abuse or aggression to Popeye JetSki Rental LLC’s crew.
    2. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC refuses dangerous weapons or items (including fireworks, smoke bombs, glass bottles, flammable liquids or any other items that may cause injury) to be carried along The Popeye JetSki Rental LLC enclosure.
    3. It is forbidden to smoke throughout the Popeye JetSki Rental LLC enclosure, inside and outside, as well as at sea.
    4. Animals of any nature are explicitly forbidden within the Popeye JetSki Rental LLC enclosure, inside and outside, without the express authorization of Popeye JetSki Rental LLC.
    5. Unnecessary noise, (such as that from the use of radio sets and other electrical equipment), or any behaviour likely to cause annoyance to other visitors or confusion of any kind is not permitted on or near Popeye JetSki Rental LLC’s sport equipment.
    6. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC asks you to respect our staff, other customers and our neighbours. We also invite you not to speak blasphemously, to make hand gestures that are displaced, to hold positions that are not very decent, regarding those around you or other sea goers.
    7. No food or drink of any kind may be consumed on boarding platform or gear without the express permission of Popeye JetSki Rental LLC.
    8. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC and its employees are not responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, in any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to any distress, inconvenience or distress caused during an activity Carried out and / or during the evacuation in the event of a breakdown or accident.
    9. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC cannot be held responsible for weather conditions during your experience. Bad weather will not be considered as a valid reason to authorize the movement of a reservation. However, Popeye JetSki Rental LLC will cancel and defers bookings of its own if climatic conditions do not allow a quality activity (see 1.4) 10. You must be 16 years old to use the various Popeye JetSki Rental LLC gear.
  5. Privatization
    1. The maximum number of people who can participate in a private event at Popeye JetSki Rental LLC is determined by Popeye JetSki management according to the activities and contexts.
    2. Only persons over 16 years of age may participate too.
    3. No reservation may be resold without the prior written consent of Popeye JetSki Rental LLC. If Popeye JetSki Rental LLC reasonably believes that a booking has been resold without such consent, the holder may be refused entry or ejection of the marina without payment of compensation.
    4. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC can offer you customized schedules to integrate in the logistics of your event. However, Popeye JetSki Rental LLC cannot be held responsible for any items out of its service and its control. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the other organizing providers and transport providers also mobilized to check your specific schedules independently before confirming your reservation with Popeye JetSki Rental LLC.
  6. Personal affairs and storage
    1. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC can keep your personal belongings for the duration of your activity. No baggage of any kind is accepted on the equipment during the activities.
    2. For any large size luggage, please notify us 24 hours before the date of your trip to make previous arrangements. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC reserves the right to refuse to retain certain items of baggage, depending on their dimensions, value ​​or dangerousness that they consider excessive.
    3. No baggage of any kind is accepted on the equipment, especially during the activities
    4. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC will not be responsible for any forgotten or lost items.
  7. Photography and video
    1. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC photographs each activity. We also frequently produce films to present the Popeye JetSki Rental LLC enclosure and its tours. By accepting the terms and conditions of Popeye JetSki Rental LLC, you agree that Popeye JetSki Rental LLC or any authorized person may use these images in perpetuity in any promotional or advertising material and in any form whatsoever. You also agree that the copyright in such materials be transferred to Popeye JetSki Rental LLC or an authorized party.
    2. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC allows customers to take their own photographs and videos from their gear but will not be held liable for any damage caused to their devices during this operation. The same applies if customers ask a member of the Popeye JetSki Rental LLC teams to use their phone or camera to do, Popeye JetSki Rental LLC will not be liable for damages.
  8. Customer Service
    1. The customer service of this Site is accessible by e-mail to the following address contact@popeyejetski.com or by postal mail to the address Fishing Harbour 2, Umm Suqueim 1, Main Entrance Jumeirah 4 (Al Sheif).
    2. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC also provides its customers a telephone hotline, to answer their questions. Popeye JetSki Rental LLC phone support can be contacted by phone at the following non-surcharged number: +971 55 285 1012
    3. Any customer complaint must be brought to the attention of the crew on the same day as you encounter any inconvenience, whatever its nature. Subsequently, you must contact us within seven days of your activity via the website or by email.
    4. Compliments, general comments and ideas for improvements are always welcome and should also be sent by email.Popeye JetSki Rental LLC strives to respond to your correspondence within 72 hours. However, some elements necessary to provide you with a correct answer (e.g. information search, internal inquiry) may require additional time.
  9. Online Payment Terms (Upcoming Feature)
    1. Note that when you make a payment you will be redirected to the Checkout payment service site to continue your payment process.
    2. Method of payment and types of cards: We accept via Checkout online payments using the international and commercial cards of the main issuers in the Emirates and in the world.
    3. All details or credit / debit card information will not be stored, sold, shared or leased to third parties by Popeye JetSki Rental LLC.
    4. Refund/return policy: refunds will be made by the original method of payment. You can cancel without withholding money an activity within 48 hours before your departure time. After this period, there is no refund possible, which will result in full payment. However, you will be able to be rebooked, only once, depending on availability of Popeye JetSki Rental LLC.