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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Yes, our Popeye instructors are here to take care of you as well as explain to you how to use the Jet Ski.

No, our Popeye instructors are out at sea with you to ensure compliance with the safety and regulations are met, so we’ll explain everything prior to the tour.

Yes, as long as it feels comfortable to be out at sea and is at least 5 years old.

Yes, our Popeye instructor will take pictures and share them with you at the end of the trip, for free.

While going at sea with Popeye Jet Ski, you will always be wearing a life jacket, and on top of that, our instructor is here  to take care of you in case of any issues, so we have it all under control! Just come and enjoy your time with us at Popeye Jet Ski!

No, we do not accept pregnant women, as that isn’t safe at all for neither the mother nor the unborn.

The price for one Jetski ride is 350 AED.

Yes, you can either make your ride alone or together with a friend or family member,.

2 people are allowed on one Jetski, so yes, someone can sit behind you and you can enjoy the ride together.

Yes you can. We have an extra box on the Jetski where you can put your phone inside and then it will be safe. You can also get one of our waterproof cases at our station to secure your phone vent more.

Yes, we have a changing room at our station where you can switch from your normal clothes to your swimsuit.

The Jetski with the supercharger has a way faster acceleration and higher top speed. The top speed is at over 100 km/h!

No worries about that. You’ll be wearing a life jacket and our Popeye Instructors are there with you at all times.