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Best Activities to do in Dubai as a tourist

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So what are the Best Activities to do in Dubai as a tourist?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler to Dubai or a first-time visitor, this desert destination is a treasure chest of never-ending surprises. As one of the most popular cities on Planet Earth, it played host to a staggering 17 million visitors in 2019. As a result, there’s no end to activities to explore here.

Let’s unpack some of the best Activities to do in Dubai as a tourist:

1. QE2

The QE2 sailed its last voyage in 2006 and now docks at Port Rashid. The only floating hotel in Dubai boasts 447 gorgeous rooms and suites. With three amazing restaurants on board, a gym, an indoor pool, and international artists performing at the well-appointed licensed theater, there’s never a dull moment aboard this dazzling craft.

2. Spice Souk

If you’re a foodie, the exciting Dubai Spice Souk is the place to go. Located in a large complex with three Jumeirah hotels and a charming waterway with water taxis plying busily, the souk has an aromatic richness of sights and sounds. With your appetite whetted nicely, you can choose great restaurants within walking distance. Panoramic views of the Burj Khalifa add to the experience.

3. Arabian Tea House

Historic Dubai at its best, this branch of the Tea House is located in the Jumeirah Archaeological site. Stunning sunset views, delicious local cuisine, and a leisurely, interesting time with family and friends are what you get here.

4. Balloon Adventures

If private adventuring is your thing, go for this. Your hotel will give you the details. Spectacular aerial views of the desert at dawn, where you could chance upon camels and oryx crossing the rolling sands. Book a ride with your significant other, an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

5. Global Village Theme Park

If you’re here between mid-October and mid-April, don’t miss visiting this place. Concerts, food, shows, rides, and fabulous entertainment make this an all-day fun day for the whole family.

6. Skiing

Did you ever imagine snow in the desert? The world’s 3rd largest indoor ski slopes are here, but there’s plenty to keep the rest of the family entertained. Rides, penguin watching, Snow Cinema, and more, and yummy hot drinks and food give you that warm and cozy feeling.

7. Top of the City

Take the elevator to the 160th floor of the Burj Khalifa for a bird’s eye view from the tallest building in the world. The high-speed elevators can thrill you as you race to the observation platform to see the gorgeous city spread out beneath your feet. The gods may have it better, but not by much!

8. Love Lake

A lesser-known spot, this is part of a desert nature reserve. If you love the outdoors, head for this desert oasis, where you can chill out with a barbecue meal, or stroll along the paths and get your fill of bird watching (of the feathered kind). Migratory birds such as swans, flamingos, and geese from Egypt visit in winter.

There’s plenty more to do in Dubai, where the excitement never stops.

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