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Al Montero
Al Montero
December 20, 2022.
Best jet ski experience, 75€ 30 min and burj al Arab also I had a guide who was so nice!! From Cameron
Anthony Jhon Fredy Baron Albarracin
Anthony Jhon Fredy Baron Albarracin
December 16, 2022.
Los videos frente a el hotel y el edificio más grande del mundo super excelente, lo malo fue que nos dio miedo llevar los celulares y si se hubiera podido y llevarlos con cuidado. Lleven celular pero graben con cuidado.
Herr K
Herr K
December 14, 2022.
Muffe Jaff
Muffe Jaff
December 9, 2022.
I would give ten stars if it was possible
Jan Volcko
Jan Volcko
December 7, 2022.
Timo Schieb
Timo Schieb
December 6, 2022.
Sehr geiler Trip zum Hotel Atlantis und Burj Alrab! Sehr empfehlenswert der Ausflug mit GuGu. Hatten 3 Foto Stopps und noch die Skyline drauf. Es wurden kostenlos Fotos gemacht
Romain Fleury
Romain Fleury
December 4, 2022.
Great staff, brand news jets, great fun!!! Best place in Dubai
Fahad K
Fahad K
December 2, 2022.
كانت اسعارهم مناسبة 👍
Magali Nissard
Magali Nissard
November 22, 2022.
Accueil très agréable. Jet ski rapide, puissant, de qualité. La balade est agréable jusqu'au Burj El Arab. Le guide prend volontiers de très jolies photos et vidéos. Nous conseillons vivement.

the best Jet Ski experience you’ve ever had!

Our Jet Skis are 2021 models with 1800cc / 260 horse power

We'll make this the best Jet Ski experience you’ve ever had. At Popeye Jet Ski, we create memories via our tours, so that our customers can relive them again and again. We are the best Jet Ski service in Dubai.


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Experienced team

Popeye Jet Ski team has years of experience in the jet ski industry! We know what you are looking for and we will go beyond your expectation to make you have a wonderful time.

Quality first

Quality is not a one-time act. It is a habit at Popeye Jet Ski! Coming for a jet ski trip or a flyboard session, we will make the extra effort to make you have the best time you could ever imagine. You will be delighted and ask for more.

Unique experience at Popeye Jet Ski

At Popeye Jet Ski, we will make you feel unique. Our Jet Ski are 2022 models with 1800cc / 260 horse power; we’ll be looking after you from start to finish, we have it all at the ready for you.

Great location

Popeye Jet Ski rental is conveniently located on Jumeirah 4 in one of the most prestigious area in Dubai, close by the Iconic Burj al Arab and next to Kite beach, which is meters aways from our station if you wanna sunbath after your jet ski session.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Yes, our Popeye instructors are here to take care of you as well as explain to you how to use the Jet Ski. Book your ride here!

No, our Popeye instructors are out at sea with you to ensure compliance with the safety and regulations are met, so we’ll explain everything prior to the tour.

Yes, as long as it feels comfortable to be out at sea and is at least 5 years old.

Yes, our Popeye instructor will take pictures and share them with you at the end of the trip, for free.

While going at sea with Popeye Jet Ski, you will wear a life jacket, and on top of that, our instructor is here  to take care of you in case of any issues! Just come and enjoy your time with us at Popeye Jet Ski!

No, we do not accept pregnant women, as that isn’t safe at all for neither the mother nor the unborn.

No, but head over to The Jetski Factory and store your Jetski the safest and best way possible!

More questions and answers

The price for one Jetski ride is 350 AED. Book your experience!

Yes, you can either make your ride alone or together with a friend or family member.

We allow 2 people on one Jetski. Someone can sit behind you and you can enjoy the ride together.

We have a box on the Jetski where you can put your phone and it will be safe. You can also get a waterproof case to secure your phone even more.

We have a changing room at our station. Change and enjoy the ride!

The supercharged Jetski has a way faster acceleration and higher top speed. The top speed is at over 100 km/h!

No worries about that. You’ll be wearing a life jacket and our Popeye Instructors are there with you at all times.

To be driver of our Jetskis you need to be at least 16 years old. As a passenger we recommend an age of at least 6 years. Our tours are always guided so safety is always provided.

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